First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion   (2nd Grade)

Children, who turn 7 by September 1 of the current year and are in second grade, prepare to celebrate their sacraments of 1st Reconciliation and 1st Holy Communion.

The Archdiocese of Atlanta requires that children preparing for these sacraments attend formational religious education for two years.

This means that children who plan to celebrate the sacraments in the second grade must also have participated in religious education in the 1st grade whether it is through a parish sponsored religious education program (PSR) or Catholic School attendance. 1st Reconciliation typically takes place in January and 1st Holy Communion in May.

Special programs are available for baptized Catholic children who are in grade 3 or higher and have not yet celebrated these sacraments. Please look for more information under RCIC.

All 2nd grade children who are registered for 1st Reconciliation / 1st Holy Communion will receive e-mail notification of upcoming events and important dates. The children are to a attend a mandatory Reconciliation retreat in January and with a parent must attend a Holy Communion retreat in April.

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