We are now accepting applications
for the 2017-2018 School Year.
If you are interested in our program,
please contact Diane Fletcher.
Welcome to the Saint Brigid Day School (2 through 5 year olds)

At the Saint Brigid Day School we recognize that each child is a gift from God. Guided by the educational mission and doctrinal teaching of the Catholic Church, we seek to nurture the whole child in the image of Christ - spiritual, cognitive, physical, emotional, and social. Mindful that each child possessed their own unique blend of God-given strengths, needs, learning styles and interest, we focus on developmentally appropriate experiences that promote creativity, critical thinking and curiosity.

Th quality of a child's early educational experience is crucial in forming confident and competent learners and caring members of the community. In light of this fact, our early childhood program fosters joy in discovery and learning in a nurturing Christian environment where children come to know, love and serve God.

At the Saint Brigid Day School, children learn through play; it is the means by which young children discover, interpret and come to understand the world. Through cooperative and independent play, children explore, test ideas, acquire information and draw conclusions. On a daily basis, we provide each child opportunities for play in a large group, small group, and individual settings. Children need a warm and inviting environment overflowing with opportunities for active exploration. We provide this at the Saint Brigid Day School through the use of developmental learning centers. Classrooms share specific areas for art, music, science, sensory exploration, reading, listening music, building and using manipulatives. In these developmental learning centers, children engage in meaningful activities that lead to learning in a directed, natural and fun-filled manner.
Using inquiry-based curriculum tested in thorough experimental research, the educational program at the Saint Brigid Day School promotes academic excellence, creative exploration, critical thinking and a love for learning, all in the context of the Catholic Christian faith tradition. Our curriculum fosters the development of language and communication skills, stimulates sensory awareness, and enhances socialization, develops motor skills and stresses listening and exploration as a vital learning tool. Saint Brigid's integrated instructional approach draws upon a rich literature base and a process approach to religion, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, foreign language, music, and art. As you look at each of the common academic areas you will see how they are interwoven within our curriculum to nurture the whole child.
Grounded in the Roman Catholic tradition, the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program at the Saint Brigid Day School aims to assist children in developing a personal relationship with God who created and loves them.  Prayer, liturgy, Scripture and foundational Catholic beliefs are introduced through hands-on materials and applied to all areas of the curriculum. Teachers and faculty at the Saint Brigid day school model and share their faith throughout the day imbuing the school with a distinctively Catholic Christian atmosphere. Our main goal is for children to know, love and serve God as professed in the Catholic faith tradition.
Language Arts
Saint Brigid's language arts programs stress four interrelated strands in language development: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Teachers draw upon a rich collection of texts from well-known authors that incorporate vocabulary appropriate for each age level. The goal of our language arts program is to promote a love of reading that will benefit each child for a lifetime.
Foreign Language
Early Childhood is the best time to begin learning a second language. Spanish instruction is integrated into all subject areas allowing students to acquire a diverse vocabulary in a manner that is natural and fun. Spanish emerges with the daily experiences in the classroom, exposing the children to the diversity of a second language and culture. It is not our aim to have children become fluent Spanish speakers, rather, to introduce them to a new culture and vocabulary.
Children possess an intuitive, albeit informal understanding of mathematics. Our mathematics program at the Saint Brigid Day School draws upon this intuitive knowledge and introduces children to abstract concepts through the use of concrete, tangible manipulatives - everyday materials such as beads, blocks and natural materials that are filled with mathematical meaning. The mathematics program blends discovery, discussion, projects, investigation, and exploration into a curriculum that recognizes and captures children's natural capabilities and their love of discovery.
Social Studies
The social studies program at the Saint Brigid Day School teaches children to recognize and appreciate the large and diverse family of God to which they belong. Our program exposes children to diverse cultures and guides them in developing appreciation and respect for those of different backgrounds and customs. Cultural Arts experiences and field trips offer students direct contact and with some of the many cultures that make up our world and immediate community.
Art / Studio
The Saint Brigid Day School art program fosters personal creativity and individual expression, allowing children to explore a variety of materials on their own. This "open art" approach emphasizes process more than the product. Our art program enhances many important disciplines of learning by fostering good work habits, problem-solving skills, self-reliance and the confidence that comes from doing things "all by myself". Creative thought is an empowering gift!
Day School Mission Statement
The mission of Saint Brigid Day School is to build a community of children, parents and educators as they embark on their lifelong journey to know, love and serve God through the Catholic Church. We will co-construct a foundation for a love of learning where each child is valued for their own unique God-given gifts and viewed as a capable, creative, independent thinker in an environment that values the importance of play.

Day School Enrollment for School Year
We are now accepting applications for the 2017 - 2018 school year. If you are interested in our program, please call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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