In a spirit of justice and charity, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is an organization of men and women who seek to be totally present and bring Christ's love to those who are suffering. We provide financial assistance, food, advice, and our prayerful consideration to those in need. We offer person-to-person assistance in a way that promotes human dignity and integrity while deepening our own Spirituality.
We welcome all that are interested in joining us in this important work to come to our meetings held:  
every 2nd Saturday of each month at 8:00 AM  AND every 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM in Room 135.
If you or your family are need of financial assistance, please call our parish office at 678-393-0060
or after hours call and dial extension 813.  Please follow the message instructions.
If you live in a zip code other than 30022 or 30076, east of Georgia 400, please call 678-892-6163
for a referral to a St. Vincent de Paul Ministry in your area.
The following food items listed are needed for Saint Vincent de Paul pantry.  The St. Vincent de Paul Society thanks you and appreciates  all you do to help those in need in our community. The Drop Box is in Lobby, just outside Parish Office doors.  Please .... no perishable food items.
To download this list of items, please click on the food pantry box:
CEREAL regular SMALL size (9 oz. box). Jelly & JAMS (12 oz.) SMALL
Pasta sauce (24 oz. jar or 26 oz. can) NO LARGE  Syrup (12 to 24 oz.) SMALL 
Canned fruit (15 oz.) Pancake mix, Complete style (1 lb.) SMALL 
Canned Green beans (15 oz.) Rice (1 lb. bag or box) NO LARGE BAGS
Milk (liquid 32 oz., not refrigerated) Canned tomato (15 oz.)
Canned Tuna (6 to 12 oz. can) NO LARGE CANS Canned CORN (15 oz.)
Peanut butter (18 oz.) NO LARGE JARS Canned OTHER VEGETABLES (15 oz.)
Soup, noodle or vegetable (10 ½ oz. can ) NO BOX Canned PEAS (15 oz.)
Spaghetti (1 lb. box) SMALL Canned Beans (15 oz.)
Macaroni and Cheese (7.25 oz. box) SMALL  Pasta, other shapes (16 oz. box) SMALL 
Canned Tomato soup (10 ½ oz.) SMALL  Oatmeal (1 lb. canister or 12 oz. instant) SMALL 
Canned Chicken broth (14 oz. can)  NO BOX Potato, instant or mix (5 oz.) SMALL 
Canned chicken (12 oz.) NO SMALL CAN Meal Maker (“Hamburger Helper,” 6 oz.)
Spaghetti-O’s or Ravioli (15 oz. can)  CONDIMENTS & SALT & PEPPER 2 pk    
Large Canned soup (15 oz.) Single wrapped toothbrush
Canned BLACK BEANS (15 oz.) Small boxed toothpaste
Canned Creamed soup (10 ½ oz.) SMALL  TOILETRIES, SOAP SMALL ITEMS  



Saint Brigid Conference of the SVdP Society President

Bernie Gaydos

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Phone: 678-478-9114

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